SCORE is hosting several business education webinars in March. 

03-12-24 – Learn How To Ask For The Order

Asking For The Order: How Do You Get The Prospective Customer To Say Yes”


03-13-24 – The Dirty Little Lie Of Marketing In 2024

The Dirty Little Lie Of Marketing In 2024 – Do You Know Where Your Next Clients Come From?


03-18-24 Commercial Leases – Why and How to Negotiate

Learn the differences between commercial & residential leases and the different commercial lease structures.


03-18-24 – Understanding Business Structures

Understanding Business Structures – What You Need To Know To Choose The Right One


03-19-24 – Starting A Business

This Will Be An Interactive Discussion For People Who Are Planning To Start A Business


03-20-24 Fund Your Startup Into a Real Business

If you are starting a business, getting funding may be a challenge to get your startup off the ground.


03-21-24 – Making Sense Of The Grant World



03-25-24 Legally Protective Contracts for the Savvy Business Leader

Learn how to create legally protective contracts for your business.


03-25-24 – Navigating the Maze of Government Contract Opportunities

Are you interested in finding Government Contract Opportunities?


03-26-24 Is Commercial Real Estate Right for My Small Business?

A Discussion on Commercial Real Estate and the Related Capital


03-26-24 – Business Growth Trends For 2024

Learn About Business Growth Trends For 2024


03-28-24 – Learn Some Tips On How To Attract More Clients -Women’s Masterminds

Learn About Five Shifts In How You Approach Your Business So You Can Attract More Clients