‘Tis the season to show some holiday cheer, and that’s what our local businesses are doing with their many beautiful displays of seasonal decorations. The Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association invites residents, customers, and community members to vote for your favorite holiday display in our commercial district. Participating businesses are listed below. 

Our business owners have been busy decorating their storefronts for the holidays. Many of them partnered with the Beverly Area Arts Alliance to create Winter Pandemograms, expressions of creativity by local artists during the pandemic.

* Winter Pandemogram site

1. Connections Learning Center *
2744 W. 111th St.Connections Learning Center, 2744 W. 111th St.
“Winter Solstice” window painting by Cathy Sorich

2. Open Outcry
10934 S. Western Ave.

3. Sports & Ortho Physical Therapy*
10909 S. Western Ave.
“Stay Active” yarn bomb by Linda Bullen

4. MPBHBA, King Lockhart Park
10609 S. Western Ave.

5, Nicky’s of Beverly*
10500 S Western Ave.
Celestial-, hippie- and Chicago-themed murals in progress by Paul Branton, Phil Cotton and Brendan McAlinden

6, Horse Thief Hollow*
10426 S. Western Ave.
“Psychedelic Solstice” by Cathy Sorich

7. Running Excels*
10328 S. Western Ave.
“Monk” by Matthew Dicks

8. Bookie’s Chicago*
10324 S. Western Ave.
“This Too Shall Pass” by Won Kim

9. Swanson’s Deli
2414 W. 103rd St.

10. Ideal Real Estate
9725 S. Western Ave.

11. Cakewalk Chicago
1741 W. 99th St.

12. Tranquility Salon Co.*
9908 S. Walden Pkwy.
“Ideascape” and “Measured Change” by Dan McCabe

13. Oak & Bloom*
9909 S. Walden Pkwy.
Winter scenes painted by Judie Anderson, holiday wreath wall

14. Turkey*
9913 S. Walden Pkwy.
“Circles of Life” wreath art installation by ceramic artist Robin Power, and “Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows” display of intentional words

15. Beverly Dry Goods
9915 S. Walden Pkwy.

16. Sweet Freaks Chocolates
9927 S. Wood St.

17. Color Me Beauty Bar*
1810 1/2 W. 99th St.
“We’re All Connected: Love To Keep Me Warm” collaborative art installation led by Dawn Liddicoatt and featuring Samantha Griffin and Leon Williams

18. City Grange
1818 W. 99th St.

19. Heritage Gallery
1907 W. 103rd St.