Cakewalk Chicago

Award-winning pastry chef Lori Parrett pours her passion into Cakewalk Chicago, a vibrant marketplace where community and sweet dreams come together.

Cakewalk Chicago offers more than just baking supplies. Led by Parrett, it fosters a community of creators, empowering them to spread joy through sweet slices of care with the world.

Parrett’s journey wasn’t always about baking. Initially drawn to community service, she worked for Public Allies under Michelle Obama. Witnessing inspiring changemakers solidified her desire to serve, but she sought a path that felt truly fulfilling.

The answer unexpectedly arrived at home. “My grandmother instilled in me a different kind of service,” Parrett explains. “She showed me the power of everyday acts – appreciating the world through hospitality and self-sufficiency.” This, along with a lesson from history learning about Georgia Gilmore’s “Club from Nowhere,” revealed the extraordinary power of ordinary actions prompted Parrett to open Cakewalk Chicago, now at 1741 W. 99th Street.

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